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The Dutch Automated Property Valuation Model Provider
Calcasa is the leading automated valuation model (AVM) provider in the Netherlands. The Calcasa AVM provides a quick, accurate and reliable estimation of the current open market and foreclosure value of a given residential property based on comparable sales and hedonic regression techniques. 

Calcasa delivers home valuations in seconds and can be accessed over the web or via automated information services. Calcasa Portfolio is an off-line service enabling users to access the AVM on a batch basis. Calcasa Portfolio will provide a Valuation and Confidence Level on a property by property basis.

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The benefits for the Mortgage Finance Industry of using Calcasa include being able to:

  • Shorten throughput time, reduce cost and improve conversion rate at origination
  • Reduce fraud and audit the traditional appraisal process
  • Assess risk and potential losses for each property with greater accuracy (Basel II)
  • Monitor arrears and collections on a property by property basis
  • Re-value portfolios prior to asset backed capital market activities, leading to better capital structuring
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Calcasa is the leading automated valuation model and property risk analytics provider in the Netherlands

Calcasa has been assessed by all three major rating agencies and the Dutch National Bank. For further information feel free to contact us.

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